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Master at Relationships...

Laurie Guzman

Laurie is the owner of The Inside Story- a Business Support Organization leading a team of incredible virtual assistants and digital marketers, making a difference in so many people’s lives daily.  Laurie is honored to be the mother of two amazing sons. We lead with all of this because that is what drives her passion, her ferocious resolve to be purposeful and successful at all she does. Her children and her team are such an inspiration. Her children drove the reasons for her transition from being a leader working for others to a woman launching her own business, hence “ The Inside Story”! Due to a series of life events including health and hardships Laurie can confidently say, "I trust myself, see and feel my strengths and this has allowed me to stop hiding professionally and immediately prompting my desire to share this peace and confidence; being that person who can help others reach this place sooner than I did." Welcome to The Inside Story!

As the master of uncovering the "Inside Story" for herself, individuals and businesses, Laurie has called into existence a team of exceptional servant hearts that help you connect with those around you in a meaningful way that leads to big profits, exposure, and growth. From social media content creation to finding new great team members for our clients, extensive research project work, and most importantly exceptional business development skills. We have you covered! We are experts at conducting team building activities, supporting customer relations, research and development for potential business opportunities and many other valuable additions. We work IN your business so you can work ON it. Laurie recognizes the crucial importance of your business and confidentiality, thus setting clear expectations for TIS employees, ensuring accountability, recognition and rewards to support positive, focused and productive team members.

Laurie expects each day to present opportunities for her to grow personally and professionally as well as the other individuals within the company. Her goals will always continue to be that she is learning something new often, seeking opportunities daily to improve and striving for results that grow the overall success of a business(s) and/or individual.

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