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6 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Productivity

Productive Business Woman

Perhaps you’re the business professional who is constantly seeking out the next productivity hack, or maybe you are simply looking to make a few routines more efficient. Either way, it’s no secret we could all be more productive in certain areas.

Here are 6 ways to instantly increase your productivity:

1. Complete your most dreaded tasks first thing in the morning

While this may not be your natural go-to, tackling the task you are not looking forward to, early in the day, removes the dread from the rest of your day; thereby increasing productivity. If you can knock out that giant first thing, the rest of your day will be easier, happier and more efficient.

2. Organize your inbox, first and last thing

A messy inbox is a portal to wasted hours for many business professionals. By taking just a few minutes keeping everything organized a prioritized at the beginnings and ends of your workdays, you set yourself up for success across the board. A little bit of organization goes a long way toward increasing productivity. Check out our post, 5 Ways to Better Organize Your Inbox, for some inspiration.

3. Make lists

If it isn’t recorded somewhere, it’s probably not going to get done. Keep a running task list of the things you need to accomplish each day. If some tasks need to roll over to the next day, that is okay. Put a star next to those tasks so they don’t go additional days incomplete. Using an electronic calendar is a great way to have your unfinished tasks auto populate to the next day; however, it can also be beneficial for many of us to have a written to-do list, as well.

4. Batch your time

Batching is a simple time-management productivity tool which allows you to take advantage of your full concentration by batching the same or similar tasks together in the same timeframe. Batching reduces your start up and slow down time and daily clutter and improves your focus. All of the above leads to an instant increase in your productivity. Check out this great video from Tim Ferriss on how batching can maximize your productivity.

5. Create information havens

It may seem unnecessary, but having all the information for any given task or meeting right at your fingertips will greatly reduce inefficiencies. When adding a task or event to your calendar, make sure all information is filled out, i.e. location and closest parking, if applicable, phone numbers of everyone involved in the meeting, attachments of any documents pertaining to the meeting and copying any instructions to the note section of your event. If the calendar event is simply a call, putting the phone number in the name of the event or the location of the event saves time. Having all the information you might need in one place, ahead of time, will increase your productivity in the long run.

6. Learn to say “No.”

Setting boundaries is a learned skill; one any professional can benefit from. If something comes across your desk which will take your focus away from the work you should be doing, just say no. Delegate, if you can, or turn it down altogether. Declining distractions and other tasks, meetings, deadlines which will increase anxiety and decrease efficiency is not worth the toll it takes on your health or your work ethic.

If you consistently find yourself overwhelmed and unable to perform productively, it’s possible you’re simply spending your time on the wrong things. A surefire way to instantly increase your productivity is by hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are able to tackle a wide array of tasks, efficiently and remotely, allowing you to focus on the parts of your business you thrive in. This alone will not only increase your productivity, but your overall enjoyment of the workplace.

At The Inside Story , LLC, we provide a team of virtual assistants who follow up, follow through and deliver on helping you achieve your personal and business goals while tackling the tasks keeping you from working on your business. Check out our post, The Top 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business and let us know the pain points in your business we may be able to assist with. We will have you checking things off your to-do list faster than you can write one.

We will have you checking off your to-do list faster than you can write one.

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