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Meet Our Team - Erin Seddon

This week, The Inside Story is proud to present to you... Erin Seddon. And, following in the steps of our founder Laurie, we have a complete video interview with Erin!

While most of our team is in the mid-Tennessee area, some of our team members are all over the US. Erin recently made a surprise visit all the way from Indiana! She was able to join other TIS team members Margaret, Brittany and Nicole for lunch and a team meeting.

Erin has been with The Inside Story for over three years now and handles a lot of the behind the scenes systems and human resources tasks that keep us running smoothly. In this interview, Erin tells you a little bit about herself and what it has been like transitioning from corporate work to working virtually while making family a priority. A beautiful person inside and out, Erin is a beautiful example of who works for TIS ❤️

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