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TIS was initially intended to be a support system for my office and operations in the realm of scheduling, task management and follow through. Laurie quickly evolved that value into business development for which there is no replacement, especially when you are new to town. I can safely associate 65% of my new contacts directly back to Laurie and more on secondary introductions.

Armando Estrada

Tri Star Asset Management

Laurie is energetic and driven and you can't help but be motivated and inspired when you are with her. She is always looking for ways to improve herself, her business, and you (in a good way).  She loves to help you connect with others once she knows you and your business. She promotes you (when appropriate).  She values those she encounters and treats them with respect. I love and appreciate our relationship/friendship.

Michelle Burgess

Select Impact

Laurie Guzman with The Inside Story helped me launch the grand opening event for my new botique. With their help I was able to relax knowing multiple tasks, contacts and critical pieces of this overwhelming project was being handled in a timely manner by professionals I could trust. The event was a marketing and finacial success thanks to the services and personalized support I received from The Inside Story.

Joy Jacobson

ShabbyChic4Me Boutique

Laurie has been invaluable in helping me with my financial planning practice. From setting appointments to making new introductions, she is highly skilled at many tasks. Her work ethic and dedication to providing great service was just the combination that I needed. Don't hesitate to use her services for your business.    

Jeremy Sweeney

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Laurie has done an excellent job working with our client base at Ameriprise Financial. She has displayed a high level of professionalism and consistency when communicating with high net-worth clients. She is easy to work with, always responsive, and is reliable to get the job done right the first time. I would recommend her especially for service-oriented work that requires...more.

Peter Smith

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

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The mission and vision of The Inside Story resonates strongly from a service orientation perspective.  Laurie and her team optimize the kind of care required to deliver a focused and valuable client experience.  The business model influences me personally and professionally due to the focus on providing value for emerging businesses as well as the innovative leverage the service offerings provide.  As far as Laurie Guzman is concerned, I have the utmost respect for her and value her intelligence, courage, integrity, gratitude and genuine desire to help make things better for everyone!  

Joanne Bocci

Strategic Sources, LLC

I’m always appreciative of the opportunity to network with smart, successful women. As a solo entrepreneur who’s also building a business, I get energized when I’m around others who are just making it happen! It’s inspiring!

Lisa Dean

Sales Chameleon

The Inside Story has helped me and others in our organization accomplish tasks I have wanted to do, but couldn’t get around to doing with my current schedule.

Andy Sneed

Wasco Masonry

Laurie is an amazing professional who has extraordinary pizzazz! I have requested her for guest speaking events on multiple occasions and she has always been available and dazzled the audience! Laurie understands that business is relational - and goes out of her way to be open and available. She is a dominant force, with a "get it done" attitude.

Heather Featherstone

Heather Featherstone Asurion Call Center

Laurie is a connector after my own heart! Her mind is always observant and making connections between people she knows! As owner and President of The Inside Story, Laurie leads a team of superheroes who catch those balls most business folks drop, from calendaring to digital marketing to follow-thru to JUST SHOWING UP at the right place at the right time. As a Director at JourneyTEAM, I rely on Laurie (and her team) to keep me on track; to remind me of important events; to introduce me to people I need to meet (whether I can help them, or vice versa); and to encourage, challenge, and entertain me with a great story. If you're having trouble sleeping at night because your business isn't functioning like a well-oiled machine, call Laurie and she'll catch those balls you've been dropping, so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place.  

Jim Bob Howard


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(Infinity Veterinary Imaging) did not have all the skills or manpower to stand on our own two feet 3 years ago when (The Inside Story) came alongside us. (The Inside Story has) supported us in ways that have taught us good business and how to do it better. We are grateful. What a difference you have made for my company.

Erica Baravik-Munsell, DVM

Infinity Veterinary Imaging

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